Friday, December 16, 2016

Seasonal adjustment

I guess I dropped off the face of blogger land.  Forgetting updating here I feel like I will also never catch up on everyone else's blogs!

Jasper is not loving the cold
Things have been fine here with the Odin, although mostly at a stall for multiple reasons.  The weather in CO has been a total roller coaster.  It seems that generally if I can manage to schedule a barn day the predicted weather is something like 1.5 million mile per hour winds, a high around absolute zero, and/or an ice storm.  For example - the predicted high tomorrow is 7F.  Eff that noise.

Sigh.  3F

When the weather hasn't sucked, I have either been sick (I feel like I have been sick off and on for forever now but it really started right in mid November), stuck at work events, or just totally unmotivated.  I believe Seasonal Affected Disorder or something has struck hard. So most of my physical activity is at a much lower rate and my alcohol consumption is at a higher rate.  Hey, that is sort of like having a balance, right?

I do still run on occasion.  It was more fun that I expected to run in the slush
I also discovered an online Lord of the Rings game  - called Lord of the Rings online, oddly enough - and that has how I am spending my downtime.  I am a huge LotR fan and this has been nice to have when the short days and frigid temps have me down.  Plus you can collect horses in the game and "ride" around middle earth.  Of course the first horse I acquired I named Odin.

All of which is to say that I still hang out with my horse and we ride, but we are not really trying to progress much at the moment.  He will likely get thrown back in training in Jan or Feb for a couple months to get ready for spring but unless my life, brain, and the weather get their act together, it might just be a pony bonding winter.