Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Hello world

So here I am, peeking out into the world again.  Not sure if I will resume posting routinely but I want to at least check in on occasion.

Odin has been doing really well these days.  I need to get some photos - losing our photographer was rough - but he looks very grown up now.  Filled out a bit and please please please not getting any taller.

From a recent bath . He is close to 16.3 although he doesn't look it
We are continuing to develop him at a super slow pace.  I think he is probably in a position to be pushed more but I am not and he is still only 6 so we will stay slow.  Ever since the stifle injection he has developed a ton of strength in his hind and has stayed comfortable.  We still do periodic estrone injections but that is all we had needed so far.  We will see if we can keep that up through winter or if he needs more support.

We did add ranitidine into his life for stomach acid maintenance and that has really helped.  In fact, if he misses a few doses you know immediately, drama king that he is.  He starts "spooking", tail swishing, and just cannot even horse.  We did a barn experiment on him to see if a grain that purports to fix ulcers would work at our facility because he is so clear on when his belly isn't perfect.  The grain failed the test but it was again a clear demo that Odin on Ranitidine is awesome and Odin off Ranitidine is a no go.  At least it is a cheap thing to do.

He has stayed in training and probably will unless I lose my job because it fits with my life right now. So much progress has been made in so many different ways - self carriages is improving, he holds his leads both ways, his changes are getting better and better, his jumping is improving, etc.

There is still plenty to do - he needs better balance cantering right, he still can get overexcited jumping and lose rhythm, he does have a tendency to lean on your hands - but it all keeps getting better and he is now in a position to help his rider out some and be confident in various scenarios.

I manage to ride him about twice a week myself and I am lucky in that I have a strong enough riding base that I can pull off decent rides without being in great shape and with inconsistency.  That being said, I manage it carefully.  If I am mentally distracted or stressed or don't feel good, I keep the ride in a box I can handle.  If I feel good, we do more.  My goal is to enjoy him and at least keep myself in basic shape and not ruin the training!  With all the chaos in my life over the last 6 months that is good enough for me.  My trainer is very supportive and amazing.

Honestly, there were points in the last few months were I contemplated selling.  Horses aren't my current priority and they cost so much money.  But for now I am glad I am sticking with it.  I think Odin is a special horse and a great partner and since I have a good support team, if I can swing the money, I will be glad to have worked through this tougher part later.  And who knows, maybe my person life will make sense again one day!