Monday, June 2, 2014

Horse Shaming

So it has not been smooth sailing around here and on Friday I came down with a nasty stomach bug.  Not one to let logic dictate my life, I decided to try and make it through my riding lesson on Saturday.

I *did* make it, but it wasn't pretty.  I almost threw up at least three times.  The heat and humidity (in the indoor) didn't help the situation.  

I barely remember what we were working on, I do recall a gymnastic of some sort.  I am lucky Fawkes didn't kill me.  

Yesterday, I went down to CO Horse Park to watch my friend just rock the Training level cross country course and Fawkes was supposed to get clipped by one of the trainers.  The picture speaks for itself

Yeah, that is exactly how far she was able to get before he went batshit crazy and started flipping out.  He started shedding today too so I am not sure if I am going to get drugs and finish clipping him or let him shed out and live in the shame of his terrible clip job.  Asshole horse. He has been clipped before without trying to murder anyone:

So who knows what bug crawled up his butt on Sunday.

Anyways, probably because he sensed I was ready to drop him off at the door to the Alpo factory, he was foot perfect under saddle tonight.  Moving laterally off both legs (still needs to get better off the right, but at least responding), giving walk/canter transitions like it was never an issue, carrying himself around lightly in the canter, and doing a line of poles like a champ, even with me changing up how many strides we take in the middle.  

The outdoor was pretty busy, both with other horses and with neighbors mowing their lawns, children playing, and bunnies.  He was alert to the other things happening, but stayed focused on me.  OK Fawkes, you can live for now.


  1. They always seem to redeem themselves somehow.

    1. You are right, he was so good under saddle this week I thought someone had switched my horse!