Friday, December 12, 2014

This horse can stay

It has been another crazy week with my riding time being nonexistent.  We leave for New Zealand in exactly one week which has us running around trying to get organized and then, scarily, Aragorn got sick.

Sleepy sick kitty post subcutaneous fluids and a day trip to the vet

He was diagnosed a few years ago as likely having IBD but most seemed healthy if I watched his diet.  However, I noticed he was still having stomach issues on his Rx food a few weeks ago and decided to try a new limited ingredient diet with a novel protein (duck).  Yeah, this is the reason I am not a professional animal nutritionist or apparently smart person.  His stomach health has tanked this past week.  We are still waiting for bloodwork to make sure it isn't something else, but after he spent all day at the vet today getting rehydrated they think it is just an IBD flareup.

Poor guy does not feel good and J and I are tired of inhaling carpet cleaner too.  Anyways, long story still kind of long, I didn't get out to see Fawkes until this evening.  But it was so worth the wait.  I actually think that minimizing my rides has multiple benefits in that Fawkes and I were kind of on each other's nerves and the break has made us much happier when we get together.  Most importantly, all these uninterrupted training rides are giving me a new horse to ride.  And I like this critter!
Weird things happen in my house.  Like dog stacking

We took a lesson and his walk and trot have officially become like new gaits.  He is learning to default to dropping his head instead of doing a giraffe imitation, use his hind legs and back, and hold steadier in the contact.  He still sometimes gets cranky about the right leg, but there is an actual response there now.  I need to get J out for some pictures because I am pretty sure he looks hooottt.  I know he feels it.  He was also responsive and light in the bridle.

We trotted and cantered poles and straightness is getting much better.  I am really trying to use my outside aids correctly.  And because Fawkes has discipline now, if he ignores my right leg I get to kick him instead of trying to will him to listen.

To wrap up, we trotted a cross rail a few times.  Fawkes was brave, forward, and straight - admittedly a tiny x - but what was craziest was that he actually tried to rush the thing.  Twice!!  Fawkes has never been confident enough to rush at a jump.  I steadied him and didn't let him, but what horse is this and can I keep it??


  1. Go Fawkes! That's great that he is going so well. I hope that Aragorn gets better soon. Also, I hope that New Zealand is as amazing as I've heard and that you have a great time!