Wednesday, January 7, 2015

All quiet on the homefront

Not really much going on right now.  I managed to get sick less than 12 hours after getting home which combined with jet lag made me an unbearable mess for a few days.

The absolutely frigid and snowy weather has not helped anyone, I am pretty sure Fawkes has missed some turn out time.

I did actually manage to ride him on Tuesday but he was some kind of tense and looky.  It was warm  finally, but windy.  We rode around for a little and Fawkes managed to be obedient but I could tell he just wasn't mentally there.  Once the other riders cleared out I stripped his tack and let him run.






More Bucking

He clearly needed that.  It took awhile for him to cool down so we played around with some liberty ground work.  I mean, I have no idea how to do that formally but I walked around the ring and he followed me and I stopped and backed and he did the same so clearly we are ready to go pro.

Tonight was 19 degrees so yeah, Fawkes is hanging out with his blankets and I am hanging out with some wine and Archer (and dogs and cats and fur in my wine).


  1. Mine probably really needs a good romp around too, but at these temperatures no one wants to get out! Brrr!

  2. Loooooooooove Archer. Pam is my #1 role model in life.

    1. I am a big fan of Pam but think I might aspire to be Malory :)