Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Foster Puppy

Hacked Fawkes last night and he was fine, not too much to talk about.  I did let a potential lease lady ride him but that was kind of a bust.  She is only looking to ride once every week or two.  So while I am open to that, it doesn't really change anything about our life.  He was very well behaved for her and she was a nice rider so that was a positive. It is fun to show off your horse.

One currently life changing thing in our house (nice, sequitur, right?) is our newest foster.  He is some sort of Smooth Coated Border Collie Mix puppy named Jefferson.  At least that is our story for his breed.  As seems to often be the case, he doesn't have much back story.  He was picked up as a stray in Gallup, New Mexico and wasn't doing well at all in the shelter so the rescue sprung him and transferred him to Denver.  We picked him up Friday from transport - well J did while I was flying home - and we expect him to be quickly adopted.

Absolutely obsessed with Jasper
While he might have been shy in the shelter, he is not at all shy at the house.  He is guessed to be 4-6 months old and around 40 pounds.  40 pounds of constantly playing puppy.  Jasper is such a nice tolerant dog, and doesn't mind that Jefferson spends all of his time following him around.  Mean Maya has expressed her disinterest in puppy play and he is respectful of her decision.  Mostly.

First night

He is a good puppy, although he is wearing us and Jasper out with just normal puppy energy.  Luckily he leaves the cats alone.  And the rescue is actively in pursuit of those patient puppy lovers out there that will love him forever.  Pretty sure that this face will convince most people!

Awfully cute

He is a little standoffish with people still but we have already made progress in the 5 days we have had him.

Happy Happy
Next time we might request an older dog, but it is sure is entertaining to have a young, excitable one around!