Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Before pics

Sunday J came out to the barn to take some conformation shots so in theory we can do comparisons as time goes on.

Who is a good posing horse?

I would like to eat that saddle please

OK, hands are edible too

No, don't take away the hand chew toy
If anyone sees anything special about his current state or conformation, please feel free to share.  Clearly we lack anything in the way of neck muscle and topline.  Otherwise to my amateur eye he looks pretty good.

I am not highly knowledgeable on conformation but my vet and trainer have said that overall they like his build.  Comments I remember are:

  • that he has a good short back for jumping
  • nice shoulder and croup angles (or he will have those once he is done growing? Something like that)
  • Good pasterns, length and thickness
  • well sprung ribcage
  • nicely uphill although he is expected to grow a little more so we will see if that lasts
  • kind of straight behind
He also has great hair, I hope his tail magically stays nice as I neglect to do anything with it.  Hey, a girl can dream.  


  1. My amateur eye also finds him pleasing to look at