Monday, March 7, 2016

Perfect horse remains perfect

So last Monday we had a tougher ride.  By Odin standards anyways, he was pretty wild.  Kept scooting forward, dancing, squealing, and otherwise anything except working.

I got off and longed him and at first he was all, ugh, longing, this is dumb and I don't wanna.  Then he finally cantered and blew off some steam and threw a few bucks in.  When I got back on he was much more functional although still kind of unfocused.  Ha, and that is what I consider a backslide ride on this horse.  God I love him.  After that, I didn't get to ride again until Friday, trainer did some longing and riding and he got new shoes.  His feet look awesome, even just a few months in his heels and angles look much better.

Ever since then though he has been a total professional.  He still gets quick in the trot if my shoulders move forward at all, but as long as I stay tall, he holds the pace.  Damn green horse making me think while I ride.  And he has really started to lift in the back, his trot feels entirely different.

Cheesing for the camera

Saturday he had a training ride and got glowing remarks.  He cantered some poles on the ground, offered a lead change (although he isn't really ready for those yet), and was able to canter full laps around the outdoor while holding his lead.  And then was able to go back to trot work, which has been a bit of a challenge as we have been reintroducing canter - the ability to mentally shift back to slower work.

Sunday was another perfect day outside and I was feeling a little under the weather (ummm, hungover) so we had a pretty easy lesson.  But baby horse took really good care of his slow moving human.

Yep, looking at the camera man again

We did big, loopy trot circles and he felt a bit more solid in the contact.  That is still a work in progress but as he finds his rhythm and gets stronger it gradually improves.  Practically every time I ride him he is moving off both legs better and better.  Right is his weaker way but he is getting much better, stronger and less resistant.

Then we had a lovely soft right lead canter.  One big loop and he swapped in back as I was asking him to come back to trot, but otherwise just perfect.

We went on a brief trail ride and then the most exciting news - Odie got a BATH!  He no longer smells like a homeless hippie horse with a BO problem.  There have been many extra snuggles to enjoy this brief time where he is clean and fragrant.  Oh and he was a total gentleman for the bath, even seemed to enjoy his face getting hosed.

Just another week in the life of the best young OTTB in the world.  I have a bolus of travel coming up mid March through mid April so Odin will be spending lots of time with the trainers and I will ride as much as possible between trips. I definitely want as much saddle time as possible so I can keep up with him!


  1. Ha I love how he keeps mugging for the camera lol! Also jealous of your bath weather ;)

  2. sometimes they just need a nice couple bucks to get down to business. Glad he is so good!