Friday, May 27, 2016

Racing Odin

I was recently contacted by Odin's racing owner and she sent along some photos of baby racing Oaters!

From one of his first rides as a late yearling or early two year old


Love this one.  She said he dolphin squealed at the track too

Oh hi

Ah, so he came pre trained to graze with the bit.  Good, no one can blame me then

I love the internet, it makes it possible for someone who used to be in his life to know he is in a loving home and it makes it possible for me to learn about his earlier years.

For example, after he bled so badly in his last race they retired him.  But further vet care indicated he might not be that bad of a bleeder, he actually most likely had a virus of some sort that made the bleeding worse.  I am still glad they stuck with the decision to retire him - he didn't appear that into racing anyways.

You could always tell this horse was well treated at the track, but it is cool to hear more information and I am so so grateful for these images for our collection.

Oh, and here is the jumping video from last weekend:


  1. Great pictures!! And he looks so confident in that video!

  2. Aw how awesome - they must have really loved him too! Also he looks so sharp in that white bridle!