Monday, June 13, 2016

A friendly reminder

Just a friendly reminder that while my horse is the shit, he is still a horse, and a young TB at that.

One minute you are trotting along

And then all of a sudden you are feeling so fly like a G6!


I can haz flail

This is fun!!!!

Not even touching the ground!
Silly baby.  Not even sure what set him off.  I think it was a "spook" because he was bored and/or feeling lazy.  I love how he can flail everywhere and not really throw me around.

Things are overall good on the horse front.  Friday I went to the barn before work because it was supposed to be nearly 100 and I have just accepted that I am summer heat intolerant.  This was my first early morning riding experiment.  I was on by 5:50am, rode until 6:30, and still made it to work by 8.  It was a great temperature and although Odin seemed a little confused, he was excellent.  There is one notoriously early rider at the barn who got there after me and gave me a disgruntled vibe, but whatever.

I don't love the 5am wake up time but I will definitely be doing this often when the temps are above 90.

Odin has started getting crooked during transitions, especially upwards, so we are working on our straightness there.

When the lady asks you to go forward, let your butt drift in.  Humans love pretend lateral work.
We have started doing a bit more lateral work but I think the crookedness is more lazy summer pony than confusion since it generally clears up once he is awake and moving.

During my rides we try to do lots of cantering to build my fitness and form and ability to actually weight my damn outside stirrup- I struggle with this both directions because I am equal opportunity uneven.
Sometimes we get it together

Not much else exciting going on.  Had a brief lesson Saturday morning before the temperature got insane, and training rides while I am at work.  We haven't been able to do much jumping lately which is bumming me and Odin out but I keep reminding myself that all this flat and pole work is making him super smart and the jumping will be easily added on.


  1. Ha what a goofy spook in those pics!! I love that your lower leg never even budges haha. Good luck w the early morning rides too. I have had to switch to early lessons during the week but t sure hasn't been easy lol

  2. Love the zooming pictures! I hope you get some gorgeous sunrises to treat your early morning riding!

  3. Love the zooming pictures! I hope you get some gorgeous sunrises to treat your early morning riding!

  4. What a goof ball. Baby horses!

  5. Oh babies...always keeping things interesting. I am a big fan of early morning rides, but I would probably be the one that is grumpy having to share my mornings :)