Thursday, February 9, 2017

Horse mysteries

Odin was doing really well with his Surpass.  Even before the Estrogen order came in, after a couple days on his magic lotion he was moving 100% better and felt great.  The estrogen finally came in on Friday and he got that shot and had a great weekend of riding and jumping.

7am work meetings suck but at least I saw this sunrise
The weather even finally gave us a smidge of a break and we were able to do a trail ride!  Hell, Monday we even did a quick hack in the outdoor arena - the first in months - and we were both a little giddy about it.

R said his training ride on Tuesday was probably the best ride she ever had on him.  I left a voicemail for the vet to discuss next steps to make sure he stays this sound.

And then yesterday happened.

I got there after work, got on, and could immediately tell he was unhappy.  Tail swishing, swinging his butt around, head flipping.  I asked for trot and he kind of blew up, kicked at the wall and half reared.  OK, I get it buddy.  Got off.

Trainer R said she rode him earlier and it was the same deal.  Of course colic was the first assumption, but he was eating, drinking, and pooping normally with good gut sounds.

Here is Aragorn helping himself to my sun chips

Maybe an allergic reaction?  Maybe he has been working hard and is having a teenager moment?  He has such a good work ethic I lean towards pain over attitude but so far can't rule out either.

Giving it a day or so and will call the vet out if he gets worse or doesn't improve.  But damn.  We were doing so well.

Think good thoughts for the Odin, please!


  1. Oy that's never a good sign! Fingers crossed he's back to normal asap and it's just a fluke! But yay for those other awesome rides!!!