Sunday, November 9, 2014

Baby steps

After our train wreck ride, Fawkes has been excellent and we have been getting some really good work.  Good thing too because the weather forecast for the week is awful.  Cold front swings in tomorrow and then it doesn't look like it will get above freezing all week.  Fawkes will therefore not get clipped this week and will also likely not work because, eff that.

Cannot complain though, the last few rides have been great.  We clearly have a long way to go in relationship repair and de-confusing the horse, but things are starting to work some.  For example, when I ask him to move off my right leg and he gives me the middle finger, my trainer has me halt and do a turn on the forehand off the right leg.  The idea being he is going to respond to that leg or work harder, plus the turns on the forehand are just good for him.  It will take awhile to break established habits but I can already feel some difference.

Such hard work
Today we had a lesson and it was pretty basic, moving off the legs, getting straight, listening to cues.  Lots of transitions within the trot gait.  It is engaging his little orange brain, at one point he offered me a walk/canter transition which is not something he generally enjoys.  It is like he got so into listening to what I was asking for and trying to give the correct response...and willingly.  This is kind of new for the horse who generally does things somewhat begrudgingly.  He still is leaning on my right leg and R told me to just be patient about that, it won't go away over night.  We did trot poles and a cross rail.  Literally all we are working on is being straight and me riding well. I cannot get away with anything sloppy on Fawkes right now (maybe ever) so I need to up my game.   Time for all those lessons and hours to pay off.

I don't think we will have much exciting to discuss for some time but I am hopeful for the future.  His trot today was booming!  Hopefully I can get video soon.

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