Tuesday, March 24, 2015

If I held my ground, would you ask me to change?

I have no idea what to write as blog titles anymore so until I get some inspiration, I think I will go with song lyrics from my favorite music.
What? New pictures?  Inconceivable! Also, fatpony is fat

Horse world has been pretty much the same.  Fawkes has two personalities and both have been making an appearance.  He has been more good than bad, but the jerk did spin out from under me during a lesson on Saturday.  I almost saved it and therefore it was the most gentle fall ever - that moment when you are dangling off your horse's side and realize the ground is closer than trying to claw your way back up there?  Yeah, it was that.  Another reason to love short horses.

What caused this spook?  We were cantering a left circle and a gust of wind made a jacket hanging on a jump standard to our right blow around a bit.  Even though we were going left and the spooky object was right, Fawkes' tiny horse brain decided a 180 to the right would be the safest option.  Idiot.  It was partially my fault in that I didn't have his attention firmly enough on the inside bend, but even my trainer, who always says it is the rider's fault, believed it was uncalled for.

It is a shame, because otherwise he was really really good.

Cantering nicely in some great lighting

Nice and calm.  You can see the offending purple jacket hanging there.  

Using that back end like a boss

Cantering quietly out of the line
Seriously, I am almost ready for the up and coming (in my mind) cross rail equitation class.  I think I would have a good chance of bringing home a ribbon.  We are finally letting him do some lead changes again and we got some really great changes.  He didn't refuse a single jump and was actually very relaxed aside from that one spook.

Still waiting for the magnesium to get here  - should be this week.  It is spring break in CO and several of my horse friends are out of town so I am going to spread the love and ride as many different equines as I can.


  1. Your EQ is on point! Fawkes is so cute, if only his brain was always cute as well;)

    1. Thank you, some days I wish I could trade his cuteness for being less spooky but at least he is adorable1

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I have been working really hard on that lately

  3. Your matching navy is on point, and you two look great!

    1. I didn't even notice we were so matching, that is funny. I mean, that was totally on purpose :P