Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's always something in this everchanging life

Haven't had much to say about riding this past week.  I had a lesson on Fawkes on Saturday and he was really good.  My trainer has upped the game even more on riding every stride.  Boy isn't allowed to look around, giraffe, or have much loose contact.  She basically said that he hasn't earned any trust yet and until that happens he doesn't get freedom. Also known as: you want to be the one in charge of thinking in this relationship.

Trying to break it down, it appears the situation is:

1. Fawkes doesn't trust that his rider will take care of him.  He thinks he needs to take care of himself.

2. This is exacerbated by dropping contact.  The more you are "there" for him, the more he relaxes.  The less you are there for him, the more he worries.

3.  Of course this is a balancing act where just hanging on his face isn't beneficial either.

4.  Once jumps are part of the equation, hands up, eyes WAY up and he stays confident.  Otherwise, nope.

So in a very subtle way, I am riding him with excessive direction.  We are trying to figure out ways to get me more lessons in during the week since these really small changes and reactions take awhile for me to pick up on.

In summary, lots more boring stuff in our future.  I did get a new cribbing strap, that is super exciting.  And Fawkes got his first bath of the year.  Per usual, I ended up at least as wet as he did, but somehow not as clean.  The weather has been stunning so really want to get out and ride more!

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  1. I'm in the same boat as you on the "...hasn't earned any trust yet and until that happens he doesn't get freedom". So hard to know when it's too much, or not enough. Fingers crossed for you that things start falling into place!