Thursday, May 7, 2015

A real ride, over fences and everything

I had my first real ride in awhile last night, and it was entirely unplanned.

In very un-Colorado fashion, the weather has been cold and rainy for days with no end in sight.  This is bad in the big picture because it inevitably leads to flooding and in the small picture because of the very bored horses that aren't getting turned out.
This is in our future with all the rain

I was planning to go to the barn after work to hop on Fawkes and let him just walk and trot some.  He seems to be fully sound again, or at least 99%, but the wound is still open so we are keeping it wrapped and with antibacterial ointment to ward off infection.  He lives outside but when it rains he refuses to leave his shed so he ends up just standing around and needs to move some.

However, when I got there, trainer R had already worked him for the day, cleaned his wound, and re-wrapped him.  Didn't seem to be any good reason to mess with his wraps more, especially when there were plenty of other horses who could use a workout.

So I got on Eric, the bombproof packer whom I want to steal, take home, and hide in my bedroom.  He literally doesn't care what you do in front of a fence, he has GOT this.  And in more surprising news, I rode really well.  A few times I tensed up or fell forward a little bit, but I didn't blow anything completely.

We were able to mess around in one line and do both the add and the stride, alternatingly (that is a word blogger, shut up), and then went through a bounce to a vertical no probs.  Got several really good lead changes too since I was pushing him to be straight.  Shout out to Fawkes on making me much more attuned to the need for straightness and the skills to get it.

Hopefully can keep up this weird trend of actually riding horses

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  1. Yay for riding!! When my mare was off for awhile I rode a few packer types and had a blast!!