Sunday, May 10, 2015

On a Sunday (I'll think it through)

It has been a busy week.  I may have a home lined up for Fawkes, which would be surprisingly fast.  I will post all about it once it goes through...or not.  I have a good feeling about the situation but I guess I am a little superstitious and don't want to talk details until it is all done.  Of course there are an awful lot of emotions swirling around in my brain about the whole situation but I am currently delaying dealing with those.  Avoidance is my friend.

In the meantime, the weather here has continued to suck so yay for a barn with an indoor!  I spent the whole weekend riding.  Sadly, J didn't want to spend his whole weekend taking pictures of me but he did swing by briefly today.  I was lucky enough to get another ride on Tonka the wonder horse.  We started out a little fugly over a cross rail.
 Tonka can be very hard (for me) to trot over a fence.  He REALLY wants to canter the last stride but also is sensitive so trying to hold him to the trot but not drag him down to the walk is challenging.  We had one that wasn't documented-phew- where he got confused and sort of stepped over with his front end and then stopped.  Good horse.  Luckily, we eventually got it together and cantering fences is much much easier.

He is barely even trying.  Love it.
 I am a lucky girl to have such amazing horses available to mess around on.

Fawkes was also spectacular under saddle but sadly no photographic evidence.  J did get a couple pictures of him in cross ties before he left.  I asked for a leg wound shot because I wanted to capture that is it finally healing.  It really needs a day or two in the open air but since my horse currently lives in a mud pit, that will have to wait.

 It looks so tiny in a picture.  And I guess it is in real life but it has produced some truly gross weeping and swelling.  And Mr (not) Stoic hates for it to be touched.  So doctoring it has been tons of fun.  But I am happy with the progress and the fact he has remained rideable.  Definitely think we dodged a bullet with the damage level.

And on a final note, my very favorite picture of the day.  Fawkes and I do not have many sweet moments as neither of us really enjoy touching or snuggling.  However, they do happen sometimes and I am happy to have photographic evidence of this one.

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  1. That picture is so sweet!! Fingers crossed everything goes well!