Monday, February 22, 2016

Riding outside is exciting in winter

I thought I would have some new media as R2 took videos of my lesson this weekend but she texted them to me and my phone compressed the shit out of them and now they are blurry disasters so it will have to wait until I can get my laptop to her phone.

And now that I have fully defined first world problems, on to the horse!
I swear my horse isn't downhill I just cannot manage level ground

Odin had a good week although his workload was still light as trainer R isn't bouncing back from her health issue. Not going to lie, I am having some concerns about her.  She is not young and this is her third pretty serious health issue in the last year.  Not my business but I always worry about horse trainers and being prepared for retirement and what they will do when they can't ride anymore.

Anyways, he was a good boy this week.  The weather has still been unpredictable, massive amounts of wind but mostly warm if you don't mind getting blasted by air, dirt, sawdust, sand, etc.

Saturday we were even able to lesson outside as it was the only day with no wind.  R longed him first to be safe but he wasn't very up.  I think he actually really liked being in the outdoor.  Then under saddle he was much less interested in rooting, much more interested in sightseeing.  Especially the nefariously plotting minis across the street.
The last time I rode him outside was when I was trial riding him.

So we worked on keeping his attention in the ring, staying soft in the bridle, control of his outside shoulder, and maintaining rhythm.  I am not great at explaining these things, but he just felt really present and "there" for me.  Responsive, easy, on the aids.

Then at one point there was a cat I couldn't see in the shadow on the rail and we nearly ran her over!  She jumped up to get away, practically between his legs.  I spooked hard, Odin broke to the walk, wonder wtf was wrong with the person flailing on his back.  Good Odinpotamus.
Actual cat, she is crazier than she even looks in this picture.

We trotted a line that was just a pile of poles and Odie insisted on jumping in.  It was cute, I was very careful not to tell him to jump he was making the decision on this own because he was feeling good.

Then we did a decently long trail ride with R2 and he was foot perfect.  On the buckle, relaxed, and enjoying being out there.  Perfect day to be on a horse.

Sunday the wind came back but he still had a good training ride with R2.  His canter is coming along.  That left lead has stayed consistent and now we have to strengthen him going right so he doesn't swap in back.  It will come with time.  The canter under saddle still isn't lovely, but it keeps improving.

Jumping is going to be so fun, he clearly loves it.  They were trotting cross rails and she kept having to talk him down - he wanted to launch.  After a couple times he settles into more appropriate heights but I love how much he loves it.


  1. I'm very impressed with his brain, nefarious minis and legit crazy cats have been the undoing of many older horses!

  2. That cat looks possessed and I've almost fallen off because I spooked and the horse didn't...

  3. ha that cat tho! pretty sure female orange tabbies have some sort of genetic thing that makes them looney tunes lol (aren't they kinda rare?!?). anyways - so exciting that your boy is doing so well!