Monday, February 29, 2016

When Cats Attack

I have been riding a ton lately so I might actually need to do multiple posts this week.  So to start?  Video stills of the mountain lion assault.  Be afraid.

She is the small blob on the left and based on Odin's trot here, I should always have
cats jumping around him.  Day-um

The tiny lion doesn't pause after jumping, but bolts. Odin continues to be mildly interested.

Demon cat runs straight at us.  Odin notices, but not by much.

I think here is about where I actually noticed the cat.  Odin trots on.

I spook and disrupt my horse's rhythm, cat runs more.

I finish reacting and pull my horse awkwardly down to walk as cat flees the scene.
Total elapsed time: 2 seconds, per the video.  Here are 30 seconds of pretty decent trot work followed by a couple seconds of feline ridiculousness.

Friday I managed to get out of work early, run to the barn, and ride outside before dark.  It was the first time I have been outside after work since I bought Odin.

He was a little up, but responded well to half halts and settled in to work quickly.  He doesn't really root outside like he does in the indoor so we get to focus more on pace and control of both our bodies.  The barn manager was hanging something on the roof of one of the pens, which fazed my horse not at all.

We even cantered a small amount!  Mostly it is lots of direction changes and big loopy circles, with smaller circles and transitions thrown in when we get too discombobulated.  It was a simple workout, but successful.  Nice way to end the week.


  1. I have the opposite problem. Mine attacks kitties...

  2. Our cats pretty much fall from the rafters... its' frightening !

    1. OK, yeah, I am not sure that even Odin could handle raining cats and I am positive I would not be alright!

  3. hahaha omg that cat... Odin looks great tho!