Monday, April 4, 2016

Progress and such

Odin made some leaps forward in his training last week even with weather designed to make life difficult.  While I was in cool but sunny SoCal and TJ, it was frigid and snowing at the homefront.
The upside of business travel

But R2 got on him nearly every day anyways and then I rode him Saturday and Sunday.  R2 said he was excellent all week and when they jumped on Friday he actually offered two lead changes.

We haven't been asking for lead changes yet because canter is still something that isn't quite mastered, but apparently the youngster wants to be precocious.  And doesn't like being on the wrong lead.

Also as predicted by some of you wise folks, his right lead came back as quickly as it vanished.  I am ordering another round of estrogen because his stifle has been extra sticky and "clicky" but it hasn't seemed to cause much issue.

Some highlights from his week:

  • Cantering multiple laps around the arena both directions while holding the lead
  • Cantering that resembles what a horse does instead of a giraffe camel hybrid
  • Lead changes (I even got two over the weekend)
  • Jumping - still his most favorite
  • Baby shenanigans.  Which are not too surprising.
I managed to ride both weekend days since (sigh) I am flying out again tomorrow - this time for a friend's wedding and won't be back until Sunday.  

Turnout has been nonexistent at the barn since the fields are either frozen or horrid mud and then a horse just lost it in the indoor and took out a chest high wall so we can't even turn out in there.  Which means even with daily work, Odie has still been a little exciteable.

Saturday we didn't longe and it was noticeable with the squeal and half buck into the canter, but he did settle into some really nice trot and canter work and we did some jumping.

Sunday we could actually ride outside again FINALLY.  The Oatsmobile was extra excited about this and needed a legit longe session to buck about 15 times.  It was in the 70s though so he ended up pretty sweaty and regretting his decision when I clambored on.  

We got more really, really nice trot work.  He turns super well and bends around the leg and has reasonable outside shoulder control at this point.  So we use lots of turning to help him not just fall on on his forehand and get fast.  This will be a work in progress for...I don't know, forever?  But we are getting some nice times where he can stay in a good contact for 5-10 strides.  

Then we jumped outside, still over cross rails, and he was perfection.  So brave, so happy to go, so willing to take off from anywhere I asked him too.  Note to self, don't ask him to leave strides out!

After that great weekend, I swung by tonight and he was pretty cranky, I think he needed a brain break.  Instead of the planned schooling session we just had a long grooming time, a walk in the ring, and a trail ride up the road.  He likes working so much but a vacation and fun time can be in order too.

And to wrap up, here are some recent conformation shots.  Definitely filling in with all that muscle.  My Ecogold half pad doesn't really fit anymore so I have switched to a thinner gel pad.  Still can use a few pounds, but looking good.

Posing is hard


  1. He is looking super! Happy to hear is canter is back to improving.

  2. What a good boy!! He's looking great too!