Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Red Queen problems

AKA Running to Stay in Place

Odin is fine, wonderful in fact.  I just am so far behind I can't even see where I am going right now.  I didn't get back from the trip for my friend's wedding until Sunday night.  And I leave next Monday morning for Ireland.  My last business trip for the moment, hoping to take May either entirely off or have one trip max.  But that leaves me a very short time to catch up at the office, catch up with my husband, prepare for a week abroad, and other life things.
I need new media

All of which to say I have barely even spoken to my trainers about how Odie was while I was gone.  I did hear a few things, all of which were positive.

He did some trot in/canter out lines like a pro.  R2 is starting to introduce more....how shall I say...amateur riding techniques into his life.  She has the most quiet damn leg I have ever seen and I doubt I will ever achieve it, so she is deliberately moving it around more to get him used to the idea.  Things like that.  She said he was jumping quietly on a loopy rein and that he is one very impressive baby horse.

Besides that and the fact that he had no issues with leads, I am not sure about much besides the decision that he has to move pens outside because the barn maintenance manager is flat tired of fixing broken boards between him and his rowdy neighbor (ok fine mine is the rowdy one) and he managed to skin the front of his right hock during one of those playing episodes.
Wrapped legs for protection, note broken board on the ground

Sigh, horses.

I did manage a hack on him last night.  At first he was disinterested in me and either blowing me off or just testing me.

Lies my horse told me:
  • I don't steer
  • I don't bend
  • I don't go forward
  • I go VERY forward and can't stop
  • I can't carry my own head around
But after a few minutes and almost running straight into another horse, he settled into some good work.  His trot was a little slow and lazy to the right but he wasn't pulling or rushing so I let it go.  Going left, his better way, he was dead on.  After not too much effort, I let him go a few laps stretched with his nose to the ground and then just walked around and cooled him out.
So adorbs

Tonight's ride was also really good.  Still a little of the "screw you bit" mentality but giving it up quickly and a nice canter both directions!  

After I got off last night and was grooming him I spent some time reflecting just how much I like this horse.  While he is still growing up and too free with his teeth on occasion, he is fun to be around, both under saddle and on the ground.  He can be somewhat arrogant but I think that is part of what is making him easy. He doesn't get freaked out by much.  He is just a nice horse and I am so appreciative.


  1. This is so sweet. I love it. Have a fun trip and hopefully you manage to keep life under control.

  2. I know it is for work and all, but yay Ireland!!!! Odin sounds so great! I'm glad you can enjoy him even with not much time.

  3. Hope you are able to get some well deserved rest!

  4. Busy busy!! What a great feeling to be always so reminded that you like the horse so much tho :)