Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Knee crisis averted

The great news is that my horse is healing well and he is sound!  We did wake up to some swelling and lameness on Friday which isn't surprising but I decided to have the vet out then instead of getting an expensive emergency fee over the holiday.  My vet practice just hired a new woman and I liked her a lot.  She gave us some bute and antibiotics and said it wasn't too deep and he was probably fine but to look for signs of infection.

By Sunday he was sound again and we did a light ride yesterday and a moderate ride this morning. He feels great so we will go back into normal work.  I left it unwrapped today as it is looking scabbed over now too.  Knee bandages suck so that will be a relief.

The not as good news is that I think July is mostly going to be a bust.  R and R2 are at a horse show until Sunday, then I have a business trip next week, then at the end of the month R2 goes on vacation and I have another work trip to Europe.  

I can't see us getting into any kind of rhythm with that schedule and there will definitely be minimal jumping since we aren't allowed to jump outside of lessons (this drives me nuts so I complain about it often here, sorry) and R2 does his jumping training rides.  

This isn't great for my confidence over fences, I am the kind of person who needs to be jumping a couple times a week in order to feel good and actually ride reasonably well and clearly that isn't happening.  Not much I can do besides try to get on a better lesson schedule in August but I hate to "lose" a whole month of summer.  I will have to be creative and think of ways to still make some progress.

Odin has been doing pretty well with his rides although he isn't always the most fun horse at the moment.  He continues to vacillate between no forward and trying to haul around on his forehand.  I would like to say there has been some improvement, but I don't think there consistently has yet.  He has also added laying on your inside leg to his fun bag of tricks.  One day we were cantering right and he wouldn't move off my right leg and I finally booted him with it hard. I got a perfect lead change.  

Not quite the point, but hey, I guess at least we are getting our changes down? Lateral work is also progressing.  And his body is changing immensely, he is finally throwing down some body bulk and getting a bigger booty.  It is just a patience game of plugging along and being constistent.  Luckily he is still entertaining and fun to be around the rest of the time.


  1. I need to be jumping regularly in order to be comfortable. Otherwise my nerves get the better of me and I forget to ride which doesn't help the nerves. Hopefully you will be able to get back on a regular schedule after July.

  2. July is basically a bust for me too. But I'm trying to think of it as an opportunity. Mid year recharge. Or something. Lol.