Friday, July 1, 2016

Playing too rough

I am literally behind on everything in my entire life, because I have spent most of the last week traveling.  I was really excited to have a long weekend in town to ride my horse a bunch.

What is that?

Oh shit

At least R2 is a professional knee wrapper.  And he "helped" so much
he almost got his nose taped to his knee.
Odin gets turned out with a very very VERY tolerant horse which was deliberate because he is mercilessly annoying.  He just plays so hard and Trapper generally seems to enjoy it but I guess yesterday he finally had enough.  And unluckily, the kick landed on the knee.

I haven't even been able to get out to the barn yet, but R2 cleaned it out and said she didn't think the vet was needed.  He was apparently sound but we will see how it looks today.  We will call the vet out to have a look if it swelled or looks worse or he is lame on it.  Otherwise, looks like a quiet weekend of walking.  And beer.  Lots of beer.


  1. Oh Odin. I also have a super annoying horse that gets his butt kicked on occasion. Hopefully Odin heals quickly and you can still have fun. Otherwise there is beer :)

  2. He must've heard of your plans for lots of riding :( Hope he's feeling better ASAP.

  3. ughhhhhhh noooo!!!!! :( hopefully it heals up quickly and with minimal drama!!