Monday, August 22, 2016

At least we are trying

Well my grand plans to get back into a rhythm haven't been working out quite as planned, but things are still moving along pretty well.

We did have a moment that was embarrassing to one of us last week.  And for once it wasn't me!  I let Odin out in the ring to roll and he choose to run and play.

 While bucking he managed to clip his right front with his left hind and almost flip over.

You you see the "skinned" hoof and sort of where he hit himself
If I hadn't seen it occur, I wouldn't have believed it was physically possible.  Luckily no worse damage was done.

Under saddle he has been pretty on point although it still takes awhile to get his motor going

From "don't wanna"

To "ok, fine"
 My rides have been short or nonexistent between crowded rings, weather, late work meetings and the other various things life throws at us, but having him in training means he is getting back in shape quickly.  Sadly leaving me in the dust but I will get it together.  Even short rides help some.

With estrogen and regular work back on board he is able to hold his leads again.  Although the rider still needs to be very in balanced.  Odin, especially to the right, is still figuring out his balance and needs all the help he can get.

I am trying lady, hold on!
It is an interesting mix of lovely balanced canter, then falling onto your inside leg.  Then you push him off your leg which works but he goes faster, so you slow him with outside rein but then he counterbends too hard to the left so you have to also use right rein and then there are two great strides again before he falls on your inside leg.

The canter is still the best it has ever been and he is gradually learning to use his back.  He tries hard but it has still been glacial progress, presumably because he has 4 legs, 1 brain, and not much awareness of how to use any of them in combination.

Deep concentration in cool lighting.  
Last night he was very quiet on the ground, almost suspiciously so.  But there were no secrets, I think he was just tired (it was hot) and he was incredibly snuggly.  Just wanted to drop his head in my arms and stay there.  Who can resist that??

Cannot resist this face
So not much happening in tiny town, just staying deeply in love with this horse and chugging away at our basics.


  1. Glad you guys are getting back into a groove :)

  2. Sounds like such a coordinated dance holding him together on canter! Glad it seems to be working tho and that he's getting stronger. These basics tho... I've never heard of anybody regretting taking their time with them!

  3. Loved the pictures. Thanks for the update. ^.^