Sunday, August 7, 2016

Suicidal tendencies

I hate any kind of suspense (yes I do read the end of books first, feel free to hate me), so I will preface this by saying that Odin is fine.

On the other hand, I need him to stop with the self destructive behaviors for a bit.

About halfway through my long, painful business trip to Europe I get a text from a barn mate that Odin got stuck in a fence, they don't know much else.

A few emails, texts and phone calls later, the story as I understand it is:

Odin was in the big turnout, which shares a partial fence line with the small turn out.  He was playing with the horse in the small turnout through the fence.

The playing started to get a little aggressive and Odin kicked at him.  And promptly got his left hind leg stuck in the fence panel.

He panicked for a few seconds, making a lot of noise, and then thankfully froze while the onlookers rushed over to help.  As they entered the field he gave one mighty pull and got himself free.

His leg had only surface scratches on it, none of them were even bleeding, so they cold hosed him and put him away.  The next day R rode him and he seemed pretty sore so they had the vet take a look when she was out.  She said his leg was fine but his back was rather tweaked.  Probably not too surprising.

Baby horse got a course of robaxin and a week of light work and snuggles. Not what I was hoping for while I was away but another lucky close call where the situation could have been so very much worse.  Except for my blood pressure and bank account, it looks like there will be no long term issues.

I was even able to ride him this weekend a little bit and he seems to be using his back better than ever before.  Hooray pharmaceuticals?

I have another short business trip starting tomorrow, hopefully the Odin doesn't feel the need to further mutilate himself in my absence.


  1. Odin! Don't play in fences!! Hopefully, he behaves this go around.

  2. ugh I hate when horses play with the fence, the fence is not your friend!

  3. oh man that's scary, glad it wasn't worse!!! hopefully he's back to feeling 100% asap!