Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Best

I haven't had a ton of time to write because I have actually been getting in lots of saddle time in addition to running and core work.  Ah core, I hate you so.  Even running is easier than trying to build core strength.

But Odin, I love him the most.  And even got a few new pictures!

My friend came to meet him, we are so photogenic!

Much better when you remove the stupid human

Ah, indoor lighting, there will be more of you to deal with soon

I love how in this photo he is using his back.  It happens sometimes!

Really trying to get off our forehand and on our butt, but it is hard to adult horse.
He has just been awesome lately.  Or maybe he is just the same awesome horse as always but I have been more appreciative.  Whichever.  Besides a brief day of lameness (him and 4 other horses got unhappy feets after it rained for the first time in months - a round of thrush buster fixed it in a day), we have been in consistent work with plenty of jumping!

We did two jumping lessons last weekend mostly focused on a line and Odin just got better and better.  Definitely starting to jump more out and over the fences.  I hope to get jumping media since I would love to see it myself.

Lead swapping is still a project but the baby crawling steps of progress are happening.  So no complaints here, just happy horse time!