Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Life and Times

Not many exciting things have been happening lately, but that is a good thing.  Odin continues to work on the same basic flat work and over fences skills and continues to progress slowly but methodically.

I did have what is hopefully my last business trip of the year late last week, adding a new state to my list - I think I am at 42, courtesy partially of my love of national parks and mostly because of work.  This trip was to Charleston, SC.  The southeast is not my favorite place, way too much heat and humidity, two things I try to avoid when possible.  But people swear by the beaches near Charleston so I decided to stay an extra day and explore.  The city itself wasn't my favorite although the antebellum mansions are pretty impressive.
Ravenel bridge

However, my day on Seabrook Island was spectacular.  I took an Advanced Beach ride with Seabrook Equestrian center.  They trailer the horses over close to the beach and you take a 15 minute trail ride in.  Then it is trot/canter/gallop up and down the beach.  I was the only one out on the ride with two guides.  My horse was lovely, everything you could want on this type of ride.
Sunny was handsome too

He loped around on a loose rein and was happy to step out when I asked.  It was really fun and then I was allowed to hang out on the beaches after the ride.  I found an area with zero other people (yay private islands) and sat down with a book.  Maybe ten minutes later I heard a splash and looked up.
View from my private beach

A pod of dolphins were splashing around just offshore.  Apparently the dolphins there do strand feeding where they chase fish up on shore and then beach themselves to feed.  I didn't see that but I did get to spend half an hour watching them do dolphin things up close...while sitting on a beach.  So it was very neat.

Hoofprints on the beach
Back here in reality, Odin has been a little more alert lately although it hasn't been any cooler.  His first canter transition has been incredibly lackluster so that will have to go on our goal list.  The transitions after the first time are much improved.  He is still just slowly building strength and has a tendency to lean on your right leg.

One ride last week I really focused on this and spent 20 minutes getting him soft and off that leg with leg yields and spirals.  Then when I asked him to canter he stepped off so nicely and softly.  I probably got 10 good strides before he fell in again.  Another thing to just keep plugging away at.

The lead swapping continues to be a work in progress, not much to note.  He is now landing on both leads after fences, where he used to always always land right.  So that is progress.

His jumping cadence and striding is improving pretty quickly.  Sadly he is getting lazy with his form over these tiny things.  I have a note to talk with R about that, I am guessing she is going to not be worrying about that right now.  His form will likely bounce back quickly when the jumps go up.

He did get clipped this weekend since CO is having round two of summer.  I really miss fall weather.  R2 said he was great for it except a bit twitchy on his back.

And I bought Odin a Halloween present with money I don't really have, but I found a good deal on English Tack Trader.  It is a Corsia monocrown and I put it on for the first time last night, but so far I like it.

He seemed just as content in this as in his usual bridle and he looks so damn adorable.


  1. When it is the middle of winter the southeast is nice. Unless of course it snows...then it is awful.
    He looks super cute in his new bridle! <3

  2. Ooh that beach ride sounds lovely!! Also you have been to way more states than I have lol