Monday, November 14, 2016

Conformation comparison

Sunday represented one year since I did my test ride on the Odie.  He didn't come home until just before Thanksgiving since he, um, failed his first vetting, but I am calling this the start of our anniversary.  So, our almost one year conformation comparison photos!

He lived in a stall when I purchased him and was much less fuzzy.

December 2015
November 2016

Overall, I think his body just looks more mature, with his top line changes being the most notable (and also fairly recent).  And his face!  I feel like we have lost a lot of the baby face.

If any one else has any thoughts, I would love to hear them, even criticisms would be fine.  I am not a conformation guru so I am always interested.

I have to do a write up of our jumping lesson over the weekend, but I will do that later this week.  Tonight, we took a moonlight trail ride to watch the supermoon rise.  At one point I was thinking, huh, is it weird to take a 5 year old OTTB on a trail ride in the dark?  And he did lose his shit a little bit - when the moon got high enough to create some weird shadows - but all he did was bounce and squeal a little.  His trail buddy is unflabbable and I sat there quietly because he is not scary, and he settled back down.  The walk back to the barn was a little tense and quick, but overall I was so proud of him.

Baby horse is growing up.


  1. He looks great! Something has changed with his butt too. I think he is keeping it more up under him now.

  2. Definitely looks like he's growing up!! Glad to hear he was so good for the moonlit trail ride too :)

  3. Look at that neck! What a hunk!