Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Last lesson before vacation

Got to squeeze in one jumping lesson before we leave on Friday.  The entire focus of the lesson was slow and calm.  Fawkes might have been a bit too calm at points (squeezing 8 in a 7 is one thing but making a 1 stride into a 2 stride is extreme) but we are taking that over hyper and spooky right now.

The cutest boy
The jumps were a mix of gymnastics and bending lines, all kept low to encourage rhythm and no stress.  I haven't been jumping much lately so my eq was less than perfect, but looking at the pictures I think the biggest problem is that it is time to shorten the stirrups again.

My leg has slipped forward a bit but it looks like I am really stretching for the stirrups here.
These stirrups will be going no shorter as they already have multiple punched holes, I have finally caved and purchased child length stirrups.  Not that I care what they are labeled, but aren't there lots of short legged girls riding horses? Is it really appropriate to call them child length, horse industry??  Whatevs.

Fawkes was basically perfect for this lesson, and it felt good.  It was a nice note to leave for a week on, although I might get to find time for one more ride if I get off my butt and finish packing.  Otherwise, Fawkes will have a lovely week with the trainer.

Yesterday we had a simple ride and then I turned Fawkes out in the indoor.  He hasn't been turned out because of the snow/mud and he went rip roaring around.  I felt very lucky that he was obedient during our ride and saved his shenanigans for free time.  Good pony!

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