Friday, May 9, 2014

Taking it Easy

Hopefully Fawkes and I will start getting back to a rhythm soon.  We are scheduled for a jumping lesson this weekend, but with more snow on the way (SIGH) I am not hopeful it will happen.

Looking sexy last summer
I did get out and ride Wednesday and today.  As I hadn't ridden in a week, I just took it easy and tried to make sure my body remembered how to ride.  It only takes a few days out of the saddle for me to hurt.  You would think I am about to turn 72, not 32.  Two laps around the ring at the canter and I could barely breathe.  But otherwise I felt good, so that is a positive.

The best part of today was getting out for a mini trail ride.  Fawkes was perfect, not spooky at all.  Which is awesome because he is definitely a therapy horse and not a horse in training at the moment.  Last weekend I went to say farewell to my terminally ill friend and, coincidentally, my dad ended up in the hospital while I was there.  So between sick people here and back east, I just like the easy break.

He did get a couple training rides recently and we will get back to business soon.  I want to get a couple jumping lessons in before leaving for Costa Rica next Friday!


  1. The snow totally sucked! I'm sorry about your friend and your dad. Glad you had a good trail ride. Have fun in Costa Rica!

    1. Thanks! We are looking to get away for awhile, I think we have earned a break :)