Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Well, after a great jumping lesson on Saturday:

Fawkes is now back-sore again.  We have been off of the meds for over two weeks and he was going so well in his Ecogold.  Sigh.  That is what I get for talking about it, I suppose.

The last couple days he has been coming out of his run with what R calls "his old man shuffle."  He works out of it but I don't want to keep pushing it until we have a better idea what is happening.  The vet first rechecked all of his legs and confirmed that there is no issue there.  Whereas he definitely has back pain.  So she prescribed Previcox and an equine chiropractor.    After that we will probably be looking at x-rays, hauling to the clinic and other things that make me check book weep sad, sad tears.  I am not freaking out yet since the vet told me not too, but I am starting to get concerned something more serious is going on in there.  However, since we haven't gone the chiro route yet, I will let that happen before initiating the Overthinking Machine that is my brain.

Little plank jump don't scare us.  I look like a giant on him in this photo, makes me laugh.  
Vet is in love with my little man, always complimenting his conformation and oddly, his demeanor.  Considering he tried to bite, kick, and eviscerate another vet *while sedated* during his sheath cleaning, I assume that his back doesn't hurt that much, she has a really gentle touch, or he thinks she is some sort of deity and her ministrations are to be politely tolerated.   I personally prefer the last one.

So, Fawkes gets another vacation and we get to play Mystery Diagnosis horse version again.  Heal up buddy, things have been going well and we have lots of do yet.


  1. I'm not sure if this helps or not, but I've noticed that when we change something with horses with back problems, they do really well and then get worse again because when they were better they began using muscles they weren't using before. Then they get sore from using those muscles. Fingers crossed that this is the situation with Fawkes. I obviously don't know enough about the situation to know whether it is or not, but it's a possibility. I hope that he gets better soon!

    1. That is definitely a possibility, I hope you are right!

  2. Fingers crossed for Fawkes! Hope he is feeling better soon!

  3. Sending positive thoughts your way!! I agree with Jodi too, when my mare was in rehab she was 'lame' all over the place as she started to reuse her muscles again. As weird as it was it went away as she got conditioned.