Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Boring update, but happy horse

Well the Previcox seems to be making Fawkes a very happy boy.  He had a test trainer ride over the weekend and word is that he felt great.

He was also rock star for the farrier yesterday.  I had told the farrier to not even bother to do hinds if he was awful because I didn't want a repeat of last time.  However, he just stood there and dozed the entire time.  Farrier was able to do a full set and front pads in record time.  Phew, I won't get fired as a client this month at least.

The radical behavior shift really makes it blindingly obvious we are dealing with some sort of pain issue.  Off drugs he couldn't hold his hind leg up long enough to get a shoe on; on pain medicine he basically sleeps through it.  Not that I doubted he was hurting, but that drives it home more.  Oh, and still no return of any stifle issue.

I am kind of perplexed on next best steps.  My trainer has mostly been dealing with the vet to date since it is not my normal vet and they go way back, but I think it might be time to insert myself in the process.  I am adamantly opposed (and so is my trainer) to keeping him on meds and riding him if it is just masking a bigger issue.  I want him to feel as good off the Previcox as he does on it, if that is possible.  Or if we need long term meds and a different work strategy, I would like to know what is causing that.  So I think it might be time to amp up the diagnostic efforts.  Good thing those are so cheap!

Mostly I am a little frustrated at the moment because I am in back to back work meetings all day and then have social obligations in the evenings this whole week so I probably won't get to move on anything or spend much time with Fawkes until the weekend. But my horse is currently happy and comfortable so I am trying to be patient.  A few more days won't change anything.  And maybe I can get the chiro visit in this week so we will have that evaluation complete.

Just keep plowing ahead, right?


  1. Just keep swimming! At least he's doing well right now.

  2. At least he is currently comfortable, and I guess it is a small relief that he was good for the farrier.

  3. Think positive-he's happy and comfy and now you can figure out a gameplan :)