Monday, October 6, 2014

Exciting Times

At the advice of the vet, Fawkes was scheduled for another test ride on Sunday.  Operation Horse Yoga (Long and Low) was set to begin.  So should I have been surprised when this happened on Saturday?

I turned him out for a bit and he ran and bucked and played and had a ball.  Then came happily trotting back up to me sans a shoe.  I never saw anything special happen, but got to spend a really fun 20 minutes finding the lost soul (sole! Ha, punny).  He looked very unbalanced down a shoe and pad, but unhurt otherwise.  Yay for small miracles.

So he earned a few more days off, not that it will hurt him in the long run.  The hoof held up pretty well, although the outer wall definitely suffered some damage.  

 The farrier came tonight and reshaped and attached the front shoe AND had to reset the right hind which he had also pulled loose.  He doesn't have enough front foot left to do this again, so we will avoid muddy turn outs and I guess invest in some bell boots?  This is first lost shoe in the near 3 years I have had him so I have to reach back into the memory banks to try and remember the shoe retention voodoo.

So, what does a girl do when her magnificent steed is down for the count?   Apparently the answer is drink with friends.

Beer pairing dinner with Stone Brewing

My new favorite beer
Great American Beer Festival, where I tasted every sour beer I could get my hands on

And, Cavalia Odysseo which I don't have any pictures of because they don't allow photography.  But it was pretty fun and it makes me want to run away with the horsey circus.  They need grooms, right?
Now that I am all caught up with friends and beer, I am hoping I can actually sit on my horse tomorrow.  He may not be cleared for real work, but it will be nice just to get up there again!

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  1. Sounds like a good way to spend a few days shoeless! That super kitty beer is cracking me up.