Saturday, October 25, 2014

Couples Counseling

I am calling my lesson with Fawkes' couples counseling for the forseeable future.  Which makes me laugh and is also really true because we need to work on our relationship.  I have been blog silent because this week Fawkes has been having daily trainer rides and I didn't want to get in the middle of it, so I just stopped by for grooming and bonding.

Thursday night I went to the Broncos game and got this awesome sunset shot.
Of course we had to win when the sky was Broncos' colors.

It has been interesting as trainer R has been finding some basic holes in his training.  For example, she doesn't think he knows how to appropriately soften in the bridle or understand that outside rein controls his shoulder.  Maybe one day I will blog in detail some of the trials and tribulations of our early training days but in short, I had Fawkes in training with someone who was very sick but I didn't know that and I am not sure what she was able to do.  So it is possible that trainer wasn't actually even riding him or wasn't physically able to develop his training adequately.  The next trainer I rode with didn't even want to do training rides on him and I have never claimed to be a horse trainer, so blah blah blah: it isn't exactly surprising that he might have some gaps to close.

Also got some solar eclipse viewing in.  I am a very happy dork and love this kind of stuff

I got on him this morning for the first time since Monday and took a lesson in the basics of relationship building.  The idea is everything is correctly asked for and we only accept the right response.  This will solidify in his brain what he has to do and build our trust in each other.  Probably won't make for exciting times and it involves a lot of transitions and circles and trotting poles but I am confident it will pay off as his trot already feels bigger and more relaxed and he is getting more comfortable stretching down into the trot.

Trainer R gave me a nice riding compliment too, that I have been covering the gaps in his education well.  I guess that is a mixed compliment since I probably should have identified the issues, but let's not quibble.
Aragorn is a football fan too, he sleeps on the Broncos blanket often. I wish I could relax like a cat.

The best of all was after our lesson we went out on a trail ride with another OTTB. Fawkes was excellent in every way.  The first part of our trail goes through a neighborhood complete with barking dogs, and people working in their driveways, and election signs, etc.  He was interested and looky, but didn't do anything.  Then we got to the open space and he was perfect.  When we turned back towards home my friend's horse melted down and spent the next 15 minutes or so spooking and dancing and trying to bolt.  My friend handled it VERY well and Fawkes was absolutely amazing.  He used to be pretty reactive to what other horse's did around him but this time he took in stride and kept walking nicely.  I could feel some tension, but he didn't give in.  So proud of this.

Griffin got a bath and was adorable.  He is the perfect cat.  So glad we found him
Maybe this week I will get some actual horse photos before I travel again.  I have to go back east to deal with some family things next Wed through the weekend so I want to get some more Fawkes practice in before I go.

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  1. Sounds like some good forward progress in going to be made, so excited for you. Yay fun trail ride!!!