Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cannot catch a break

So it appears that Fawkes' attitude on Tuesday was not just his normal post-vaccination lethargy.  By Thursday he couldn't chew anything.  When I got to his pen, he turned his head away from me which is not normal.  Then, when I offered him a carrot, he took it in his mouth, threw his head around violently and spit it out.  I took him inside to take a closer look but he was not letting me near his face.

It was literally a dark and stormy night and I had had a crap day at work.  I was not in a great place to handle more drama so I called my trainer and asked if I should call out the vet or if I was overreacting.  She voted vet, so emergency vet call it was. PS I love trainers who answer their phone at night and offer to drive down to be with you and the vet.  I declined, but was very appreciative.

Friday afternoon swelling

I threw him in a stall while waiting for my equally awesome vet.  The vet did a quick exam and said the swelling around his left jaw was very concerning.  Based on Fawkes' sensitivity there and a slight fever, it was likely an abscess of some sort but he wanted to rule out a jaw fracture first.  So it was banamine and a shot of antibiotics overnight.  We also did soaked alfalfa pellets because the poor horse was super hungry.  He would try and pick up a mouthful of hay and then drop it over and over.  The soaked pellets at least helped some.

Friday afternoon we doped him up and took the x-rays.  Luckily, no fracture or obvious tooth issues.  The vet then tried to get back in his mouth but the swelling was so bad Fawkes couldn't open very far.  Vet was able to get in there enough to determine there was no broken tooth and there was definitely an abscess with some drainage.  Could have been he bit his cheek and it got infected or a foreign body.  Don't know yet, might not ever know.  Prescription is lots of soupy roughage for a few days and recheck on Monday.

Fawkes was clearly feeling much better by today and even let me touch that side of his face.  So maybe we can get an uncomplicated recovery because the last few weeks of have been a real bitch.

And of course, I am flying to Texas for work - leave tomorrow and don't get back until Friday.  Fawkes will have excellent care but I don't like being gone at this time.  With some luck, I will come back to a horse with 4 shoes, a pain free back, and a non-broken face.  OK, world? Can we make that happen?


  1. Oh my goodness, fingers crossed that he feels better asap!

  2. Oh yikes!! Sending him feel better thoughts!

  3. Poor guy! Hope he's feeling better by the time you get back!