Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ecogold review

A part of me really wanted to be convinced this pad was overhyped and not that great because I absolutely hate spending that much money on a saddle pad, but sometimes you just need to suck it up and listen to the horse.  Fawkes seems VERY happy in his Ecogold (Memory Foam Triple Protection™ Half Pad Jumper, to be exact)

Current set up: smartpak baby pad, Ecogold half pad, equipe expression saddle
Let's start with aesthetics, the least important to me but always a nice touch.  Overall, I think it is a decent looking saddle pad.  I really do like the brown color.  If I am being picky, I would want it a smidge darker, but I was just happy there was a brown option.

Fit: I was really worried it would impact my saddle fit, but that fear was unfounded.  At least, the saddle is still riding really well with even sweat marks-I have not had it professionally fitted.  The addition of this pad did, however, change the fit of my girth.  Which was already a bit short with the shorter flaps on this saddle so that is not surprising.  I am experimenting with a baby pad right now, which allowed me to get the girth on.  But I am apparently baby pad impaired.  This smartpak pad doesn't have any indication of the middle and I am not smart enough to get the thing even without help.  Is this all baby pads?  Or am I just incompetent?

Anyways, the length of the pad fits my 17" saddle perfectly.  My friend is going to try it with her 18" because I am curious if it is too short for that.

Quiet eye

Price: At $175 with shipping to the US, I only picked one up because they offer a 30 day money back guarantee.  Who really needs a saddle pad that expensive?  Apparently us.  Also, I think this one is middle of the road pricing compared to some others I have seen. One bonus, the 175 is Canadian so it only ended up costing me about $160 US.  Score?

Horse happiness = priceless.  I am not always the most observant person when it comes to subtle changes.  When Fawkes got front pads, my trainers oohed and aahed over his improved movement and I couldn't tell the difference.  So far with this half pad?  It is noticeable even to me.  The most obvious difference for me is how much of his resistance immediately dropped away.  We have struggled with canter transitions where Fawkes sort of stalls out and then leaps into the canter.  It is not a thing of beauty.  Second time out in this pad, that was 50%* improved, by yesterday it was 75%* improved.  I am pretty certain the last 25%* is training, but it is a big improvement.  His back is also lifting in his canter more and his trot has more expression.  Hard not to credit the saddle pad since he recently came off meds so if anything I would expect some rebound soreness.
* estimates of improvement only, not scientific measurements.

I know I am super late to this party - perhaps the party is even over since I hear much noise about Ogilvy these days  - but I am very happy with this purchase.


  1. Glad Fawkes seems happy in the pad. I really like ecogold (and also Ogilvy), memory foam is dreamy!

  2. So glad to hear you both like it so much!!

  3. I'm glad that you're happy with it! I'm still wondering if I wouldn't like it better than my Ogilvy. I wouldn't worry about trends, if it works and you're happy :)