Monday, January 25, 2016

Back in the saddle!

My doctor cleared me to ride again last week and I have been trying to capture as much saddle time as possible!  Some on Odin and some on other horses that are a smidge more comfortable with an idiot monkey trying to find their legs.
I try to be very patient with the humans

I am one of those people who after weeks of forced rest can just dive right back into athletic endeavors - and do them super poorly while being in a shit ton of pain.  Then spend 4 days hobbling around the house.  Don't be jealous.

Physical ineptitude aside, I am psyched to really be riding again.  Even if I can only trot for about 3 laps before needing to walk and rest.  I know the endurance will come eventually.

Odin has also been doing really well.  He has mostly come "unstuck" and doesn't suck back or get cranky about the leg.  In true green horse fashion he has completely abandoned that and instead has become incredibly sensitive to go.  You currently don't want to apply much leg to him and you certainly don't want to hold your leg on.  Which is just the pendulum swing and he will find the middle ground one day.  But let me tell you, when an out of shape amateur accidentally grips with her legs a bit....we got an amazing left lead canter transition at least!
Older photo - Cantering now has 100% less flail

Speaking of the canter, I don't know if the magic of chiro, the magic of estrogen (he got his first shot Saturday), the magic of fitness, the magic of getting older or what combination of those is responsible, but all of a sudden the left lead canter is No Big Deal.  Steps right out and holds it.  Of course I am not holding my breath it is fixed forever, but hey, right now it is pretty exciting.

I did switch him back from the eggbutt snaffle to the loose ring french link as he seems more responsive to that, at least this week.  And for me.  He is great for his training rides no matter they use.

Jumping is still very minimal but he continues to love it.  He gets excited just thinking he is aimed at a jump.  So it will be super boring until it becomes less exciting.  I won't be taking him over anything until my leg is back, so maybe in a couple weeks.

Oh and we did our first trail ride on Saturday!  Just a small one up the dirt road a bit but the houses can be very spooky and Odin didn't bat an eye.  His sellers had done some trail riding with him and said he was good, it is always nice to confirm.

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