Friday, January 22, 2016

Chiropractic adjustment

It has been a crazy busy week.  I had my last day at my old job and I start a new job on Monday, I got released by my doctor to start exercising again, and Odin has had plenty going on.

The big thing this week was his first visit with our chiropractic vet.  I have never been able to be there for one of Fawkes' session but as my last day at the old job was Wednesday and the chiro came Thursday, I took advantage of the chance to see him in action.

For Odin specifically, it wasn't particularly exciting but it was interesting to see.  He asked about his racing, breeding, and recent riding history.  Turns out the chiro had actually met Dynaformer and could confirm the sire's nasty reputation.  Luckily Odin doesn't have a mean streak....a good gelding goes a long way.  Then we talked about any concerns, which is only the head tilting and stifles.

Next he had his assistant walk and trot Odie on a straight line and in a circle.  Said there was nothing to see there, Odie is tracking up, using himself well, and sound.  I expected as much but it sure is a great feeling when a vet says your horse is sound, under any circumstances.

Then he started adjusting his hips/pelvis.  Not going to lie, I don't know much if any of the terminology and therefore everything I am saying is based on what I observed.  He said that as he was working in that area he could hear Odie's stifles popping around some and thinks Estrogen treatment couldn't hurt.  Otherwise he didn't find anything "out" in that area.

He also commented on how well this horse tolerates whatever life throws at him.  He was definitely suspicious of what the chiro was doing, but never reacted, just sort of observed with his ears back to listen.

Next he moved on to what I can only call face hugging and the chiro explained as something with the TMJ.  Odie freaking loved the face hugging.  Sadly no photos but he just plopped his head in the chiro's arms and had a dreamy look.  Same for the poll work.  And again, not much special to note in that area.

The lumbar region was the only real region of comment.  The chiro basically said that Odin isn't back sore, he got no pain response at all, but he is somewhat tight in the back and doesn't really know how to lift it.  He expects nothing less for a horse that is off the track and green so he isn't worried about it but did do some adjustments to help.

And recommended three carrot stretches - the usual left and right but also having him stretch down between his front legs as that can help with back development.

We wrapped up with the tail pulling/back stretching thing.  Odin's least favorite.  The chiro said that most horses love it and he never gets kicked.  Those were nearly famous last words as my horse definitely lifted his left hind about 5 seconds in and contemplated kicking back.  Then I think he realized it felt good or knew kicking is not cool because he put his foot back down before we could even do much.

One vial of estrogen later (and instructions for a 5ml IM injection weekly for 4 weeks), we were all set.  It is nice to know my horse doesn't have any major concerns or issues at this point.  Building a topline and learning to use his back are on the training plan anyways, so it is also good to know that aligns with his chiro needs.

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  1. I love getting to watch chiro DVMs work on the horses!