Thursday, January 7, 2016

Horse Selfies

And then from the caboose end:

The red highlights in his tail are an unexpected bonus

And here are some poorly done conformation shots to gives us our Jan 2016 status.  I really need either more help or J to come to the barn with me because Odie has no interest in helping me get these and I hate asking other people at the barn.
This nice lady saw me struggling and volunteered so I took these quickly since she was on her way out.  

He is standing uphill here so while his withers have worked their way back up,
he isn't actually quite this uphill.  

He is still a bit ribby, I am hoping now that he had a growth spurt some calories can go to filling that in and muscling up.

And now we stand downhill.  Starting to get a bit of neck muscle

Pretty even when on level ground
And finally, I purchased some squeegee for his pen awhile ago but it has been too frozen to install. Our awesome barn manager got this in between our brief thaw and the next storm that is scheduled to come tonight.  The Odinpotamus thought this was just a clever way of us hiding food and also enjoyed a good roll.

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