Tuesday, January 12, 2016


While I was gone over the weekend, something weird started.

Foamy mouth

During his training ride on Saturday he started drooling excessively.

This isn't the "I am being so soft in my mouth" foam everyone wants.  This was more like "has anyone noticed any rabid mammals hanging out near the barn?" foam.  The photo R2 sent is only of his mouth but apparently it was covering his legs and chest too.

On Sunday, I managed to get back in time for his training ride and he started foaming thick white...stuff...as soon as the bit went in.  And back at his pen, we saw some definite quidding.  He is not the neatest eater in general, but the hay chunks falling from his mouth were telling.

Under saddle was some head tilting and shaking too.  Odin was clearly trying to tell us something!

The vet is coming out Wednesday but the safe bet is that baby horse is getting his adult teeth in.  And possibly needs some help clearing the runway.  Or maybe has some other dentition issues that need attention, we will see what the doctor has to say.

Last night I sat on him and walked around and it was clear how uncomfortable he currently is in the bridle.  So I just hope the vet finds what is going on and it can be easily resolved!

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