Wednesday, February 19, 2014

5 Days in a row

I feel like I have earned my "Horse Power" riding badge this week.  Or at least my "Powered by a Horse" badge since I rode for the 5th day in a row today.  Fawkes probably wishes I had spent more time powering my own ass around and leaving him alone but alas, that is the fate of the pleasure horse.

Hello forgotten flake of alfalfa, I know just what to do with you. Oh, shiny object!

Today was probably the most fun we have had in a while. Jumps are back in the ring and we were able to play with poles.  He got super excited to jump the poles.  Locked on every time and actually jumped them instead of just stepping over.   Did his cute little super fast nose flip when we stopped to take a break because he was so happy.  Lead changes all over the place.  Fun bending lines with changing up the striding in between, varying take off spots, everything I could think of.

I think 4 rides in a row of flat work have broken him.  He was way too eager to please.

Dressage loves him much more than he loves dressage

I truly think, as strange as it is, that dressage is one of the main things that has helped him come to love jumping.  Not through strength and suppleness and all that jazz, but as in "Holy Crap, please let me do something ANYTHING other than go around this stupid ring in a frame before I self terminate.  Jumping?  OK, I will take it!"
Who tries so hard over the tiny fence? Adorable Fawkes
Last night's ride was another repeat of changes of bend, leg yields, canter transitions, and turns on the haunches so I was content to let him just play around tonight.  His breathing seemed back to normal so I was much relieved on that front.  Overall a great night just enjoying my horse.  Here is to more of that!

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