Friday, February 14, 2014

Horse Relocation Success

Peeping out the trailer window
Moving day went about as smoothly as possible.  Fawkes loaded with a minimum of fuss.  He isn't terrible at loading, but he doesn't just walk right on.  He usually puts his front feet in, decides, haha- nope, and backs out.  Then he dances for a minute, snorts, and walks on.

Today was pretty much par for the course.  The new barn is only a few miles away so it was a short trailer ride and then we were there.

There was a quick bit of drama (it wouldn't be horses otherwise, right?) when we were starting to open the trailer and a nearby kid shut his finger in a car door and started screaming bloody murder.  Fawkes made the obvious deduction that he didn't want to be anywhere that children were being taken for organ harvesting and started freaking out.

Luckily the kid was ok and taken in for some ice and Fawkes realized we hadn't just delivered him to his doom.  We took him to his new run and while he was a bit jumpy walking around he handled it really well.  He has gone to 3 horse shows now so I think he is starting to relax some about going to new places.

I chose to put him in a shed run at his new place instead of a stall, although we will have to see how that pans out. Feeling a little guilty making him live outside in Feb after being stalled since the fall but his mental state generally seems better when he lives outdoors.  And that is what blankets are for, right?

He quickly greeted his new neighbor and settled in to his hay.  I went back tonight to check on him and give him ulcer preventive meds, and he was fine.  Tomorrow is a ski day but hopefully I will get a quick ride in at night to let him check the indoor out, then Sunday we will get to work.

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