Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pick a freaking temperature CO!

CO has been all over the place lately.  Monday it went from 61F to 31F in the course of an hour.  Last night it was 8F and today it was 50F.  Ridiculous.
Places I would rather be right now include Ambergris Caye, Belize

Last night I went to the barn just to turn him out and put his warm blanket on.  Then had to stop there again this morning (thanks J for taking care of that!) and pull his blanket so he didn't broil today.

It was so damn cold last night that my fingers could barely manage the blanket clasps.  Fawkes was unphased.  He had a grand old time running around like a manic in the turnout.  Bucking and snorting and running.  It was quite cute.

Tonight it was jumping lesson again and a repeat of Sunday's work.  I can tell how great this is going to be for me, but man, is it not exciting to work on eq things and rhythm.  The biggest points tonight were to keep the bend in my knee at all times - including while posting, cantering, and over fences.  My two point is pathetic.  I haven't worked on it forever, and it shows.  We also worked on me being straight.  While this is a pipe dream and will probably never happen, it is good to try.

Fawkes was a rock star.  While not necessarily so over fences, he is in general a super honest horse.  Do it right, get the right answer.  Do it wrong, get angry donkey response.  R is keeping the jumps relatively low and simple while we focus on getting my crap together so Fawkes is just eating it up.

Probably time for a bath now, as being correct is both hard and painful.  Love it!


  1. ooo 2 point you'll have to join the torture of Blog 2pointober! At least there are prizes :)

  2. Yeah, I will have to join in for that, but hopefully by October I already suck a little less!