Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bring the Pain

Rode the beast last night before the weather went all to hell. It was a good night for Fawkes, and tough for me since I was just working on keeping my knees bent and my core engaged.

Also did some two point torture and that definitely needs work.  I can go around about twice before we both fall apart and pray for death and the ring is not all that big.  Wow.
I hide my head in shame.  Aragorn, however, feels no shame.  Ever.

I think I need to get back into planking as that seems to be the fastest route for me to core competence.  Hee, I made myself laugh with my corporate buzzword pun.

One interesting thing that came up at the last lesson was that I tend to hit his back as he does canter departs.  I didn't realize I was doing it, but I have noticed that sometimes he breaks back to trot again before cantering off.  So last night I experimented with all upward and downward transitions in two point (hello core, help me out here?) to see if staying off of his back makes them better.  Of course it did.  As usual, pilot error.

Cleaned and conditioned my saddle and bridle which made my OCD happy.

Left Fawkes with his heavy blanket on for the weather transition.  In the 50s yesterday, today was 13.  Lovely.  Fawkes got today off as I went skiing, have another lesson tomorrow.
This was from a couple years ago.  Still hate moguls.

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  1. Ah pilot error, I suffer from that a lot as well.