Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Consistent Horse

It is possible that Fawkes is growing up.

Given that he turns 10 next week, this would be a "none too soon" kind of event.

Maturity has not generally been his strong point.
Photo credit to Elizabeth Lord, horse photographer extraordinaire.
However, lately he has been giving me some great rides even when my ability to get there and ride has been inconsistent.  Sunday's lesson was canceled due to it being all of 7 degrees and yesterday I couldn't get to the barn.  So I went tonight after not riding for 3 days.

And to throw into the mix, it was in the 50s today but as I got to the barn a cold front was moving in and the barometer was plummeting.  Several horses were quite feisty.  I let Fawkes run in the big turn out for 10 minutes and he had a grand old time. If I were braver, I would play tag with him like he so desperately wants.  But I don't trust him not to kick me in the face (refer to above picture) so instead I play "scary monster."

In this game I crouch on the ground and he walks towards me.  I jump and yell "blargh" and he snorts and bucks and "spooks" and runs around me, tail flagging.  We repeat until one of us gets tired.
The TB never tires first.  

It would be embarrassing if I had any shame whatsoever.

Anyhow, he was pretty up when I brought him in and tacked him up, but he settled right to work.  The actual riding is super boring.  Him staying in a general frame with a consistent rhythm, me working on my position.  Lots of pain and transitions and two point and pain.  Did I mention the pain? My calves and achilles-type area just do not want to stretch out lately.  Annoying but I am determined to get through it.

Canter transitions were lovely, schooled a couple changes and only had one late change.  Didn't push it, those are really just bonus material right now.  There were two offset poles on the ground and we had fun playing with them as a 4 stride bending line and 3 stride sliced line.  Not one thing to complain about, he was great - willing and focused.


  1. Its good to know when to push and when not to push, I have a hard time deciphering!

    1. I generally default to "if it could end in a fight, don't do it unless you are in a lesson." Fawkes and I require a referee sometimes :)