Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New shoes and feeling good

Fawkes got his hind shoes put on yesterday which is great because hopefully that means we can trail ride again soon!

I am out of new horse pictures, so this post will include random shots of my trip to Belgium last April.
Look! An impaled fly on a pin!
I pulled them for the winter since I don't ride as much when the weather is awful and the deal I made with my farrier was no trail riding or if I did and Fawkes abscessed, I wouldn't whine about it.  I was too cheap to get trail boots and we don't trail ride alone anyways (for reasons such as: one time, we got t-boned by a mountain bike and I got dumped and it was nice to have someone there who could have called 911 if needed), so skipping trails for a few months wasn't that big of a sacrifice.

Bar (Poechenellekelder) with delicious beer (Kwak!)
and CREEPY fucking decor.  That's ok, I don't need to sleep. Ever again.

Farrier said I might want to consider an iodine or keratex or durasole treatment as Fawkes' soles do seem a little soft and that probably explains the quarter flares.  Although those were all rasped off and no big deal. Will have to think about if I want to go that route, haven't ever had to do that before.

Anyways, always happy to get a report of good foot health and Fawkes is always equally happy to get 24 hours off post shoeing.
Not gonna lie, didn't understand the appeal of Manneken Pis
But got my tourist on and took a picture anyways

Rode tonight and just had a simple hack.  Still just focusing on transitions and equitation.  Fawkes had two really good walk/canter transitions and was very amenable in general.

He was pretty tough to get off my right leg for the first part of the ride, but once I got after him a bit, he gave in and then was fine.

I am starting to feel more comfortable with the adjustments to my eq even though they still hurt.  I need to ride like 6 hours a day for 3 weeks to break my body in!
They aren't lying about the awesomeness of Belgian chocolate.
 I feel like an expert because I am pretty sure I ate it all.

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