Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Quick mid week ride

Stopped at the barn today for a quick after work ride.  My entire goal was to practice two point and trying to pull my ankles away from Fawkes while keeping everything else together.

It sounds so easy, the reality is much harder.

I miss you summer, come back soon.

First, I tried to turn him out and he immediately rolled in mud, got up, tried to buck and/or rear, slipped and almost fell.

It was not a shining moment for him.

That ended that so we went inside and I scraped a bunch of mud off of him.  Cannot wait until I can give him a bath.

I also noticed that he ripped a reasonably-sized chunk out of the inside of his right hind. Not from his shenanigans, it wasn't that fresh.  Luckily, he was sound on it and we are getting a full set put on Monday anyways.  Guess he just wanted to remind me about that.

The ride itself was pretty mundane.  Fawkes gets to pretty much do what he wants within the realm of not getting way above the bit and keeping a rhythm.  I try and stretch out the mess that is my lower leg alternating between all gaits at two point.  With posting trot and breaks thrown in to save me.

My super cute good dog
It all went well so I quit after 30 minutes (so far to go to fitness).  Rechecked his foot which was still fine and put him away.

Yesterday it snowed here and I finally got a video of my crazy dog's frisbee dance.  She is such a weird animal but she keeps us entertained!