Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Birthday Fawkes!!

Fawkes turned 10 today! :)

Say what?

We had a birthday jumping lesson, which he wasn't super impressed by and then birthday treats which made him much happier.  

While pain is still the name of the game for my ankles, my ability to get into the correct position was noticeably better tonight.   We started going over some poles on the ground and the first time, Fawkes wasn't paying attention and then freaked when he saw them in front of him and ditched out to the right.  

That got his attention and possibly even embarrassed him because he was perfect for the rest of the ride.

Imagine if this picture was in focus....

"Scary" wall jump is no problem.
Continuing to work on keeping my knee bent, evidence says there is some improvement but still need to keep focusing on it.

Birthday glamour shot!

Nasty foot chip documented.  Not bothering him at least but I will be
 happy to see the farrier Monday

Birthday alfalfa pellets, carrots, and peppermints.  Yum?

Fawkes approves, he only looks disgruntled because, well, that is his face.
And he was very focused on picking out the carrots first.
Love this crazy man!

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