Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cattle Dog Interlude

Got to the barn relatively early tonight and then barely made my lesson on time due to the 8 coats of mud I had to scrape off of the pony.

Love the warmer weather, not so much in love with the glue-like mud.  And I swear that Fawkes finds the muckiest place in turnout, lays down, and puts serious effort into grinding that stuff into his coat.  It is annoying trying to clean him off, but also kind of funny.  Yeah, scraping mud out of my horse's everywhere amuses me.  I am a simple creature.

Had a dressage lesson tonight and he was very good.   Focused on shoulder in and some counter canter work.  Auto changer no likey counter canter.  Which is why dressage trainer tortures us with it. The weather was a bit crazy as the winds kicked up like a tornado was trying to form.  Doors banging, walls vibrating, even the wall mirrors shaking.

And spooky horse snorted, rolled his eyes, and then did what I asked.  No ducking, shying, or spinning.  It was a small orange (and mud) colored miracle!  I love when he concentrates on the job instead of just reacting to his surroundings.

Anyways, it was a rough day at work today and I kept watching this video J took of Maya the other night to distract me:

Maya is our 3 year old border collie/cattle dog mix.  She loves to run and run and run and chew on the other dog and run and chase the cat and run.  And run.  End result is that she is often filthy and needs a bath.  Maya has a strict moral opposition to baths but obediently suffers through them.  Once she is unleashed from the tub the fun begins.  I can only assume she thinks she can rub the clean back off.  

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  1. Such a cute puppy, and yeah for the pony choosing to concentrate on the job at hand:)