Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bad timing

Well, I might have started a blog at the worst possible time.  The weather is terrible and my job is insane.  So instead of having interesting rides to talk about, I have things like "I worked 13 hours yesterday" and "it is currently 5 degrees outside and Fawkes and I have a tacit agreement not to pretend we care enough to work in this ridiculous cold."

I did manage to get over to the barn tonight to at least lunge and let him run around.  The barn doesn't do turn out when it is this cold and Fawkes has a tendency to gas colic so I don't dare let him just sit in a stall for days.  We have spent lots of bonding time hand walking, lunging (longing? Neither looks right to me, oh well), and with me chasing him around in our years together.

So, courtesy of J, our official photographer and a man awesome enough to learn how to lunge a horse just in case I get stuck late at work tomorrow - I present somewhat blurry cell phone videos of Fawkes running.

You have to love a horse that basically exercises himself when turned out in the ring.  He is also useful to run lazier horses who otherwise just stand there and stare at you.   Sadly, we didn't capture Fawkes' signature turn out move - the buck-kick-fart.  Maybe next time.

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