Friday, April 18, 2014

Delicate Flower Horse

Spring shots were Wednesday and poor Fawkes is still sporting a pretty large hematoma on the right side of neck. Poor little delicate flower.

So that probably means it is ok that I was an absentee horse owner this week dealing with surgery dog, car repairs, and a limping husband, right?

Yeah, glad this week is over.

I did finally squeeze in a short ride tonight at least. Took it easy on him since I am sure his neck hurts, so just tried to practice my equitation.  A few days out of the saddle and my ankles are like "LOL, not stretching."

Although that is irritating, the main thing that has been a problem is that my lower back has not been happy with the changes in my form.  Since my trainer, stability, and horse are all happy, I think I need to find a way to get my back in line.  Either get it stronger or figure out what I am doing wrong that it is sore when I ride.  Put that on the goal list.

The ride was really good.  Fawkes was very obedient and we used pole work to focus on my right leg helping turns and keeping my weight correct over the poles so he landed correctly.  It is awesome to have confirmed lead changes but even better if you can get your act together enough that the horse doesn't have to bother.

Looking forward to a jumping lesson this weekend!

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  1. It's definitely okay to be an absentee owner under those circumstances :) Have a fun jumping lesson!